5 for 5 Challenge

We’re mid way through the second month of 2016 and I haven’t kept any resolutions, or given anything up for Lent, so I think it’s time for a challenge…

Speaking of challenges, I want to introduce you to a very unique idea created by a wonderful couple who are sharing their heartbreak to help others. John and Aoife Goldie are parents to Seamus, who died just before he was born 5 years ago. To mark this milestone, they have launched a campaign to raise funds for their two favourite charities, in memory of their beautiful boy Seamus.

Their idea is simple: a challenge around the theme of five, for the boy who should have turned five. The “5 for 5 Challenge”.


What is it?

The 5 for 5 Challenge is a completely personalised event. You pick a challenge that you want to complete before the end of 2016, one that will benefit you at the same time as benefiting the chosen charities, Sands and Tommy’s. Simply choose a challenge around the theme of FIVE!

For example:

  • If you want to get yourself fitter, you could decide to run your first 5k by the end of 2016
  • If you are constantly talking about writing that book but not actually doing it, you could pledge to write the first 5000 words – or even the first 5 chapters if you’re feeling plucky!
  • If you’re handy with the knitting needles but never seem to have the time, you could pledge to knit 5 baby hats for premature babies in your local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


The challenge can be anything you want it to be! Check out the ideas page for inspiration!


How does it work?

Step 1: Pledge

Go to the 5 for 5 Challengers team page to donate your £5*. Here, you will find links to the Sands Pledge Page and the Tommy’s Pledge Page. Decide which one to donate your fiver to – or both if you’re feeling generous! In the donation comments, explain what your challenge will be. Publicly declaring your pledge will push you towards succeeding!

*Feel free to add a few zeros…


Step 2. Recruit

This is the most important part of the challenge, so please read carefully.

All challengers are asked to sign up five more people to join the campaign. By signing on five new challengers, your £5 donation quickly becomes £30, and the campaign gets ever closer to its target.

Think about maybe getting your office or workplace involved, post on social media, talk about your challenge as much as possible…The idea is to spread the message as far and as wide as you can. Any challenge idea is a great idea and, of course, everyone is welcome!


Step 3. Get Cracking!

Join the Facebook page to keep everyone up to date on your progress.



If you can raise funds through sponsorship of your challenge, please create your own JustGiving page, linking it to the 5 for 5 Challengers team page.

You will be able to track your progress individually as well as the team’s £5000 target.


So, what do you think? Have you got an idea for your challenge?


Please share this post about the challenge. The more money we can raise for these wonderful charities the better.


I’ll let you know once I’ve picked my challenge…!



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