New Year, Healthy Us!

2 weeks in to January and any New Year’s resolutions can start to lose their appeal. The weather is rubbish, Christmas is a distant memory and the thought of eating healthily and going to the gym feels like torture!

On top of that, gym equipment and healthy food & drink items can be expensive. I have tried a lot of protein shakes and bars, and spent a small fortune doing so. You can imagine then that I was pleasantly surprised by an extremely purse friendly range available at Home Bargains.

There are 6 items in the range I was sent, and you can have all of them for just £10.04! 



The press up bars are less than £4. They are super easy to put together, but more importantly they have a proper grip underneath. This means you’re much less likely to slip when using them. They also have good hand grips to help you when you’re aiming for 10 press ups in a row! They even got the seal of approval from my fitness fanatic husband who has used much more expensive ones in the past.

Press up bar, £3.99


These drinks provide over 100% of essential vitamins to keep your body stimulated and your vitamin levels up. I can’t find anything wrong with the drinks. They taste good, you get a 5 day supply in a pack, so perfect for taking to work or the gym, and the creators have even provided some handy exercise tips on the back of the pack. You can track your progress too on the handy chart. All this for 99p!

5 pack of drinks, 99p


The soup mug is a microwave and freezer friendly welcome addition to my tupperware collection. It could be used for your morning porridge, daily protein shakes or to store your lunch in. At 79p it’s more than a bargain.

Soup mug, 79p


The Strawberry flavoured ProFirst protein bar contains a whopping 21g of protein, which when compared to other brands is fantastic. The fact that it only costs 99p makes it a sure buy, and it’s low in sugar.

Protein bar (strawberry), 99p


The Caramel flavoured ProFirst meal replacement bar easily stands up to the overly expensive big brands. It tastes good, which is a definite bonus as a lot of the range (of other brands) in the supermarket aren’t great! It has 14g of protein in it and contains a long list of your daily vitamins and minerals.

Protein bar (caramel), 79p


I’m sure you’ve seen towels like this in the gym, but I think they’re a great idea if you’re in a rush and need to dry your hair faster. I don’t usually take a towel to the gym, I know that’s bad, but since getting this microfibre towel it’s been added to my kit bag. It’s good quality and very absorbent, so has lots of uses.

Towel, £2.49


So, I think it’s fair to say if you want to try some fitness products without breaking the bank, Home Bargains is the place to stock up!

Let me know how you get on!


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