A Cheeky Request

Hello everyone and happy December!

So, this is not my usual kind of post, and I’m a little embarrassed to even put this out.

Following my post for Tommy’s #misCOURAGE campaign, the lovely people who work for the charity have put me forward an award, something I’m really surprised about as I didn’t expect it.

It’s called The Séraphine Mum’s Voice Award, and the purpose of it is to celebrate a mum who has spoken out about her own pregnancy experience and given hope to others.
Just writing the word Mum makes me emotional as I don’t think I ever allowed myself to consider I was one even though I was pregnant. I was too scared of anything going wrong before it did, so the idea of seeing myself as a ‘Mum to be’ felt too presumptuous.

Anyway, I’m very honoured that the people at Tommy’s thought about me for this award. I’m not expecting to make the shortlist. For me, knowing that sharing my experience might have helped someone feel less alone during such a heartbreaking time is more than enough.

However! If for some crazy reason you would like to nominate me for the shortlist, can you please email mumsvoice@tommys.org (ideally with the subject line as ‘Fairey Clarey’) – and a sentence or two on why you think I should be shortlisted.The closing date is 23rd December.

Thank you for reading, and if you do nominate me then you’re mad, but thank you very much! x


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