What is Fear? (A note to my teenage self, sort of)

When you read the word ‘fear’ what comes to mind?
Spiders? Ghosts? Scary movies?
No. That’s all far too obvious and can be made better by turning the lights on.
For me fear is much more intangible. It can start off with an innocent thought that can manifest itself into the most horrendously scary situation within a matter of moments. But why? Why does my brain jump to the worst conclusion so swiftly?

If I had dressed up for Halloween, it’s safe to say this would be what my costume would be based on:


Although straight away I’m thinking, tights? Lycra? NO! Even the idea of being anxiety girl makes me anxious!

I’ve always been a ‘worrier’, since I was a little girl. I don’t know why, but my mind just seemed to go in that direction rather than just being a happy child. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy, but there was always something niggling away at the back of my mind. Being a teenager didn’t make this any better. Let’s face it, being a teenager sucks. It’s such hard work. Everyone expects things from you when all you really want to do is lie in bed and listen to soppy music (well that was me for a while…)!

As for telling anyone how you felt, well that just wasn’t going to happen. I mean adults just wouldn’t understand, and it’s not the done thing to tell your friends that your whole playful exterior is in fact a big fat lie. This is where I’m going to majorly contradict my younger self. As someone who survived being a teenager, including my favourite boy bands splitting up, I’m here to tell you that speaking up is a GOOD thing. Yes, it can be difficult, but it can also be extremely rewarding. That feeling of a huge weight being lifted is just wonderful. It’s a whole other version of therapy.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is this; we all fear something, some of us more than one thing, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You must get the notion out of your head that feeling anxious/afraid is a weakness. It most definitely is not. If you can admit to yourself that you fear something then see that as the first step on the road to facing that fear and overcoming it.

There is a song called FEAR by Ian Brown, and the lyrics of each line spell out the word:

Forget Everything And Remember
For Everything A Reason

The last line of the song is ‘You Got The Fear’, and that is so very true. Fear does not have you, you have it, and only you can overcome it.

I don’t mean to keep quoting things at you, but if there’s one that can sum up our least favourite F word, then it’s this:


So, open the curtains, turn on the lights and face your fear head on.


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