One week of locking & loading

Happy Hump Day everyone!


It’s just over one week since I started my bespoke nutrition programme with Lock&Load Strength & Fitness, so I wanted to give you an update.

As I mentioned in my post last week, the L&L approach is a great fit for me as it’s tailored to my specific goals. For that reason I’m not going to go into how much of everything I’m eating, as that has been set based on my height/weight/activity levels etc, so as you can imagine everyone is set different amounts. Having said that, I was really surprised with my set macros (macronutrients), as they were higher than I’ve ever been set before. For now I’m just concentrating on hitting my protein, carbohydrate and fat goals each day.


OK, a little tongue in cheek, but pretty much, yes! I have to say that I am really trying to eat well with this. By that I mean I’m consciously avoiding chocolate and too many refined carbs, but that’s because I have my own goals that I’m working towards.

What I’ve already learned is that it’s not easy! BUT it’s definitely educational. I spent a looong time at the weekend planning my food, so I see that as a plus. For the first time in well a long time, I’m really thinking before I eat anything. For me that’s major progress! I definitely think the time it takes to plan your intake for the day is extremely beneficial. You also don’t realise just how much volume you can eat when it’s the right type of food!

So, back to the L&L approach. It’s so helpful to know I can easily contact a personal trainer for advice, or to ask ridiculous questions like ‘what do you mean I CAN eat a chocolate bar??’ I am re-educating myself on food, nutrition and the long term benefits of what happens when you get it right.

I hope I’m showing you that this IS possible, and you can do it too. If you would like more information on the L&L approach, you can contact them via Twitter or their website.

You can also send me any questions on here or via my Twitter page. I’m always happy to chat about what I’m doing, especially if it can help you!


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