It’s time to Lock & Load!

Today is an exciting day people! I’ve signed up with Lock & Load Strength & Fitness for a 6 week nutrition programme.

Before I go in to why I’m doing this, here’s a bit of background on L&L, their approach, and what they can do to help you.

Lock & Load Strength & Fitness offer online training and nutrition all with the personal touch. They provide tailored programming and flexible nutrition with access to a real personal trainer to coach you through the whole process. They achieve this by putting together a complete, personalised package for you. That is, a flexible nutrition plan based on you, personally, adjusted as and when it is needed to ensure that your results keep coming. This is monitored by your trainer and help and advice are always available. This is all tracked through an app that helps you track your diet and even includes a barcode scanner.

As mentioned, they also offer training packages. They tailor the training plan based on your ability, experience and any injuries or problems you may have. You will be steadily progressed, with time, with new programmes to keep you on your toes and challenge you as you move forward. Your workouts are built into another app with videos, instructions and notes so that you know exactly what you need to do every time you hit the gym. However, if you do get lost or confused or just need some extra guidance; your app also includes an instant messenger direct to your trainer.

Packages are for 4, 6 or 12 weeks and are nutrition only, which is what I’m doing, or training and nutrition. I’m hoping that once I’ve got the hang of the nutrition package I’ll be able to look into signing up for a training package, as I really like the sound of the approach. Let’s see…

Along with the apps, there are Facebook, twitter (#teamlocknload) and instagram pages, all of which are regularly updated and used to interact with clients. So far, so good!

Let’s break it down even further, as it’s basically as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Select the programme you would like to try
2. Download your apps
3. Receive your plan

So, why am I doing this? I’ll give you the short answer for now. Just over 2 years ago I decided I needed an overhaul of my life. Not to be dramatic, but it’s true. I signed up with a Personal Trainer who completely changed my eating habits and managed to somehow coax me into working out. To say the last 2 years have been eventful would be an understatement. (You can read more in my post archive, or feel free to ask!)

Anyway, fast forward to today and given the tools I learned previously I feel as though the L&L approach is a great fit for me. As it’s all managed online it means I can keep track of what I’m doing wherever I am. Let’s face it, we all live on our phones so having the app on there means I’m in control of what’s going on in relation to my food, all with the support of a PT if I’m in need of some advice/guidance.

So, let’s jump in shall we?


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