Nutri Supplements Review

This is a different type of post from me, but one I hope you will find useful, and interesting.

I was asked to try some supplements from Nutri recently, and write a review on my findings. I chose the MegaMag Energen Plus and GiSolFullSizeRender

The MegaMag Energen Plus is a powder that you mix with water and take once per day. It contains a fantastic array of vitamins and essential supplements, designed to assist in improving your energy levels naturally. It’s available in orange or raspberry. I have the raspberry one, and actually find it very easy to drink.


GiSol is a supplement designed to assist in improving the good bacteria content in your stomach. I take one tablet twice a day. One of the definite selling points of GiSol is that it doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge, so is the perfect companion when working long hours or going on holiday.



So, my honest opinion of both supplements…

Well I was sent both products for free, and they would normally cost around £40 combined. I have since ordered another tub of the MegaMag and two of the GiSol. I am extremely impressed with both products, and believe they are good value for money.

The MegaMag really does seem to have helped my energy levels. I no longer feel like I could go to sleep in the middle of the day, and do feel more energetic. This has definitely been a massive help over the last three weeks as I was involved in the setup and running of a large exhibition at work and have just moved house this week. Although the house move has been very tiring (moving boxes and furniture, and unpacking far too many items!), I do believe the MegaMag has helped me push through, where previously I would have struggled much more.

As for the GiSol, this really appears to be helping my stomach. I tend to suffer with IBS as well as being gluten intolerant, so knowing I’m taking something to help improve my stomach function is a definite plus. The only problem is I sometimes forget to take it and I always notice the difference, so this is most certainly on my ‘must do’ list each day.

I would most definitely recommend both products, either separately or together, depending on what your needs are. I’m very grateful that I was made aware of them, and won’t be letting them out of my sight!

Have a look at their website here.


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