Friday 10th April – PCOS is more than a one symptom condition

Hello everyone and a very happy Friday to you all!

So, this may turn in to a bit of a ranty post, and normally I would apologise for that, but not today. I’ve kind of reached a point of being completely fed up with the constant negative and stereotypical media coverage of PCOS.

Why do all the stories that actually get published only consist of women with weight and facial hair issues? Who decided that those 2 symptoms were the defining factors of such a complex condition?


I actually wrote an article on this last August for the Huffington Post UK Lifestyle, but clearly there are still plenty of misconceptions and uneducated people out there with far too loud a voice and not enough information.

Loud and irritating: Dom Joly in Trigger Happy mocking mobile phone users.

I was first diagnosed with PCOS 14 years ago, and funnily enough I didn’t have a beard that allowed the Doctor to instantly know what was causing my problems. My main issues then, as now, were acne, irregular periods and yes, a bit of a weight issue. BUT I also suffered with horrendously low self-esteem and almost crippling anxiety, both of which cannot be seen.


So how do we get the actual message out there?

The list of symptoms is long as each woman experiences different elements. Why does it have to only be the ‘extremes’ that are noticed? You can’t see a lot of illnesses yet people believe they’re happening, so what makes PCOS so different? Well, I’m convinced it’s the negative coverage, which creates stereotypes. I mean clearly all women with PCOS sit on their backsides all day plaiting their body hair and stuffing their faces, so it’s their own fault they can’t lose weight or get pregnant, right? AS IF!


I just want to say that I am by no means belittling the many ladies who do suffer with extreme facial hair. It’s a very tough situation and one that is not treated sensitively unfortunately.

Considering the high percentage of women with PCOS I still struggle to understand why more isn’t being done to treat the condition, raise awareness, but most importantly support women who are struggling with it.

Why should we be embarrassed because certain people (AKA specific media) choose to vilify those brave enough to speak out,  who ask for help and are prepared to go public in order to get some positive attention for the condition?

Getting those with the ‘power’ to actually listen to the majority of ladies with all of the other symptoms is no mean feat, and to be honest I’m not sure how to do this. I’m not ending this post on a negative, and I’m certainly not dropping this subject.

All women are beautiful, inside and out. We just have to believe in ourselves more, love ourselves and support each other. Maybe that’s the hardest thing of all…



2 thoughts on “Friday 10th April – PCOS is more than a one symptom condition

  1. Could I ask how easy it was for you to get diagnosed with PCOS? I’m been pretty certain that I have it for years as I have pretty much all the symtpoms however when I went to the doctors all my tests came back fine and they just sent me on my way. My symptoms have got a lot worse since but I’m scared of going back because I don’t want this to happen again!


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