Monday 6th April – Who are you, really?

Hello lovely readers! Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, while it lasts!

So, I’ve had a few days off work and feel like I might just be learning how to relax. I know, hold the front page!

While I might not have done as much exercise as I’d have hoped, I have been thinking about a few things, one of those being how real are we, how ‘you’ are you? OK, I know this sounds confusing, so I’ll try and untangle the rambling thoughts in my head a little bit.


How often do you let the real you be seen?  Do you honestly know what the real you looks and sounds like? Or are you so used to putting on the fake smile and talking the way you think you should, that being the actual you would feel like an act, a betrayal?


Even now it feels like we have to adhere to certain rules and standards, yet we know that as adults we shouldn’t have to do any of this. But it’s as though something resides from childhood that resurfaces that need for inclusion and approval by our ‘peers’. So we buy the latest fashions, we watch the new reality TV show, and we take a ridiculous amount of photos of ourselves. Come on, admit it, we all do it. BUT what we never do is post that first picture. You know the one, eyes half closed, duck pout in progress and obvious make up splodge somewhere! Wouldn’t it be great to post those mishaps? To show our so called friends and hundreds of ‘followers’ the real us? We all wake up with ‘bed hair’ and morning breath. We all get spots. We all go to the toilet. So why are we too afraid to post the truth?

Real life doesn’t come with an assortment of filters! Rose tinted glasses aren’t real, and you can’t polish a turd! So, why don’t we try being ourselves? Friends are meant to be there for you, no matter what, so let’s show them the real us. If they don’t like it then they’re clearly only interested in the superficial, and that’s not the sort of people you want in your life. It certainly isn’t what I want.

So, let’s give it a go together. I’ll be me, and you be you. Deal?



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