Tuesday 17th March – Paddy’s Day Promotional Post

Well hello and a very happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! 

So, I don’t normally do promotional posts, but as I’m a HUGE fan of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and the colour green, I thought ‘why not’? 

A few weeks ago I was sent a number of health and beauty items to try in the run up to the big day today, and they’re all green! 

The items are: 
  • activbod game changer face scrub and feel great shower concentrate
  • pure potions tea tree rescue balm
  • the breath company fresh breath oral rinse
  • neon wet brush

My favourite item has to be the wet brush. I’ve been growing my hair for about 6 months and this is the only brush that doesn’t get caught in it. The main selling point is that it can be used on wet or dry hair and gets rid of tangles without breaking it. I’ve used it every day since I got it and would definitely, definitely recommend it. 

The pure potions tea tree rescue balm is not to be mistaken for lip balm! It’s a great handbag addition to apply to spots/cuts/etc. As you will know from reading my blog, I suffer with some really nasty spots that don’t seem to go away. I had a beauty brewing on my chin the other day and applied some of the balm before bed. Whether it was positive thinking or the balm I’m not sure, but it definitely calmed the irritation and redness, and I haven’t been left with a nasty scar, for once! 

The activbod products are great, especially the shower concentrate. It smells amazing and to be honest I could have done with a bigger size tube! 
If you’ve suffered in the gym or don’t feel like you have the energy to go, I would recommend purchasing some of this to give you a boost. The purpose of this range is to help you prepare or unwind after any activity, and there’s an impressive range of products available. I felt tingly clean after using both the face scrub and the shower concentrate. They’re a great ‘waker upper’ first thing in the morning, and a zingy ‘pick me up’ after a gruelling gym session. A definite contender for gym bag essential products! 

Now, admitting this might be social media madness, but I can’t honestly say I’m a frequent user of mouth wash….
OK if you haven’t unsubscribed then I’ll explain what I mean (hope my dentist isn’t reading!). I’m a total product junkie, including house cleaning products, but I am a tad lazy when it comes to a spotless dental routine. I obviously brush my teeth, but have never been a big fan of flossing as my teeth are quite tight together so the damn stuff always get stuck! As for mouthwash, it usually makes my mouth feel as though it’s burning. 
So being sent a rather large bottle of fresh breath oral rinse didn’t exactly fill me with excitement. I have to say though, using this hasn’t been an ordeal. It’s a very gentle flavour and at first felt like it wasn’t really doing anything, but I might just be a convert. 

Some important info on the oral rinse that might just convert you too:
It’s alcohol free and suitable for dry mouth sufferers, diabetics and expectant mothers. 

I hope my Paddy’s Day Product Post hasn’t put you off reading my blog. It might have even made you consider purchasing one or two of the products, and more importantly made you smile!

Have a wonderfully green day! 


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