Monday 2nd March – Is it wrong to be ‘soft’?

Well hello and…

I hope you are all well and enjoying another new month. 

So tonight I want to tun something passed you…

Women – friend or foe? A bit dramatic, but you know what I mean, right? 

Why is it so often women don’t seem to help each other? Why does there seem to be so much backstabbing and bitching? Why can’t we just be nicer to each other? 

I admit I am too soft and wear my heart on my sleeve. My emotions give me away. I’m a terrible liar. I’d do anything for friends and family, and to be honest even for people I don’t know, if I thought it would help them. I suppose I know my standards are too high, and that realistically I can’t expect others to respond to me in the same way, but is it too much to hope for words of encouragement, or even just a genuine comment? 
Maybe I’m living in my safe little dream world far too much, and maybe it is time for me to wake up?
So yeah, maybe that’s what I need to do, and maybe this is what my new motto needs to be…!



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