Monday 23rd February – No longer in my comfort zone

How is it the last week in February already?! Time is going too quickly for me, or maybe for all of us, but all I know is I’m tired. Really tired. 

My new job is hard work. I’m not complaining, but I’m really having to concentrate and I’d forgotten what that’s like. I absolutely loved my old job, but I was always looking for more to do. Well, not any more! I have more than enough to do, and my ‘to do’ list keeps getting longer. 

I won’t lie. I’m struggling to adjust. I like routine and my old job was great for that. It was safe and I knew exactly what I was doing, most of the time… But seriously, I felt in control, I knew the answers, I didn’t have to question what I was doing or why. I just knew what to do. Right now I feel as though I’m starting from the very beginning, and it’s not comfortable. 

Knowing you need to make a change is one thing. Doing it and dealing with that change, whatever it may be, is something completely different as I’m currently learning! 


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