Monday 1st December – Let’s make this month colourful!

Well Hello lovely readers, and…

I am so happy it’s December. I absolutely LOVE Christmas, and am already far too excited for a 31 year old! I have put my decorations up at home, and in my office at work. I have already written quite a few Christmas cards, and am currently listening to Christmas songs whilst writing this. So I think it’s fair to say I have Christmas ‘fever’!

As there are only 4 weeks left of 2014, I think it’s a great time to keep up the positive thinking and hard work. Just because the supermarkets are tempting us with ‘mega deals’ on sweets, chocolates and a whole array of beige carbohydrates, doesn’t mean we have to give in. 


Surely anything that looks as bad as the beige food on the left is enough to make you crave the colourful delight happening on the right?

I’m the first to admit that I get MANY, MANY sugar cravings, and I often feel like I could kill (used for dramatic purposes only!) to get my hands on some refined carbs, but if I get my eating under control, the horrendous craving tends to go away. 

Also, the ‘E’ word…….exercise. Damn it but it DOES make me feel better. 

You know those days where you just want to do this….

Well, I have found (as much as I really, really didn’t want it to be true….) that the answer IS exercise

So, if you’re still reading and haven’t just shouted obscenities at me via your computer screen, then thank you! 
I denied for years that exercise would help my negative thoughts, mood swings and anxiety, but I have had to finally admit to myself that it actually does help. When other people told me I ignored them as I am incredibly stubborn and do not like being told what’s ‘best for me’. Childish I know. However, I believe the only way to succeed at anything, whether that is applying for a new job or taking on a new project, is to want to do it for you and only you. If you’re doing it to please others I don’t think you’ll stick at it. I gave up so many times before on trying to get fit and lose weight as I was only doing it because I was constantly told I should. I know, supportive right!? 

Anyway, I am certainly NOT trying to tell you what to do. I’m saying do it because YOU want to. Only then will you truly make the change, and YOU will reap the benefits. 

So, who’s with me for the next 4 weeks??

He’ll be lucky to get any carrots from me! 

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