Monday 1st September – It’s PCOS Awareness Month!

Today is a very special day in the world of PCOS, as it is officially PCOS Awareness Month

The wonderful ladies over at PCOS Cysterhood UK have made a short Video to explain what this means. Please have a look and share with your friends and family. 
Just to tell you a bit more about the group, who have a page on facebook, here’s their ‘about us’ information:

PCOS Cysterhood UK is a support group exclusively for women with polycystic ovary syndrome in the UK only. The group is for the UK only as we endevour to get better treatment and support for UK PCOS sufferers as our medical treatment differs so much from other countries.

We aim to provide a safe, confidential environment for women to discuss how pcos affects them, and to get support from other sufferers. 

We also have a friends and family support group for anyone who doesn’t have PCOS but supports someone who does, please feel free to join that group.’ 

I have already found them to be extremely helpful and supportive, which really does make a refreshing change. 

They are happy for you to use the following banner on your own facebook/twitter/other social media pages to help raise awareness: 

Another great idea they are currently running is the foam beard selfie event. Have a look and feel free to submit your own! I haven’t done one yet, but I’ve just run out of shaving gel. Let’s see how long I get away with that for…! 

Seriously though, it’s great to find likeminded ladies online who really do want to help. For as long as I can remember finding someone who actually knows what PCOS is and is willing to listen and empathise has been impossible. That’s why I am so happy that this group now exists and urge you all to join and spread the word.

The more of us who get on board and speak openly about having PCOS, hopefully the more awareness there will be out there, which could help someone who is currently suffering in silence. Maybe even one day the medical profession will actually start to listen. We can dream hey! 

For now though, remember this:


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