Tuesday 29th July – Why I write this blog

Hello lovely readers. I hope you are all well.

As you may know I’ve been writing this blog for just over a year. The initial idea was that I would share my experience from the very beginning of completely overhauling my diet, and working with a personal trainer for the first time ever. It was actually my ace personal trainer, Chris, who suggested keeping a blog as it would give him a full insight into what it’s like for a client when they’re at home, worrying about food, struggling with the changes, seeing improvements, all of it really. So I started to keep a sort of online journal of what was going on day to day, which was a great reminder for me if I was struggling to see any progress. I also include my training sessions to show what really goes on, and again to show progression. I admit it’s slow, but it’s definitely improving.

The other reason for sharing my experience on the blog was to try and raise awareness of PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome), which I have. There is a whole list of symptoms, which vary from woman to woman, but as it’s not a ‘glamorous’ condition, there only ever seem to be negative stories about it in the press, or the fact that Victoria Beckham has it. Not be rude to Victoria, but she’s not exactly relatable. I don’t have millions in the bank so can’t afford the best specialists. That’s not to say that she hasn’t and doesn’t struggle, but she isn’t your ‘average’ woman. So, I suppose I’m taking on the role of ‘Miss Average PCOS’ to show that although it can sometimes feel like a really crappy condition to have, there are ways to make symptoms better. I hope that doesn’t sound big headed. I just think that it’s time for women with PCOS to feel able to talk about it. 

I was diagnosed when I was 18 and there was no support out there for me. It’s slowly getting better with support groups and if you’re really lucky like me, incredible people like Chris out there who are willing to help. 

I’d also like to think that we can help each other by offering support and personal advice on symptoms. 
I’m very happy to say I’ve met some wonderful women since writing about all of this, including the lovely Emma. She writes a fantastic beauty blog, but has recently written a very honest post about having PCOS. To get another perspective on it read Emma’s blog. It’s really inspiring to see other women opening up, seeing the positives and looking at ways to improve their symptoms, mostly in a natural way. 

If you have, or think you have PCOS, and would like to talk to someone about it, I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop me an email.

There are also support groups like Verity who offer lots of advice and information. They also run an annual conference. All details are on their site. 

Without sounding too cheesy, although it can be really tough at times and you feel like giving up, remember there are lots of people out there who are willing to listen and help. 


2 thoughts on “Tuesday 29th July – Why I write this blog

  1. I actually never knew that about Victoria Beckham ha ha, you're right she's not exactly your average woman.

    Thanks for the mention. You don't need me to say it again but thanks for just being out there and sharing your experience so that hopefully other people can get some help and guidance on the issue. Like you I never had anyone to talk about it with but that's the wonderful thing about the internet these days xx


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