Tuesday 22nd July – From Loathing to Loving Exercise

I am VERY excited to share with you all an article I wrote on my experience of getting over my total hatred of the gym! 

It’s been published on the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation, which aims to encourage young girls and women to exercise. 

Here’s the link to my pieceFrom Loathing to Loving Exercise

I hope you enjoy reading it. Please feel free to give me (nice) feedback! 

I never would have believed this time last year that I’d actually be writing articles about my experiences in the gym, and the effect it has had on my whole life, mainly because I was so used to being negative about everything that I had convinced myself it wouldn’t work for me. 

BUT, I really hope this article, and my blog, show that exercise IS for everyone. It doesn’t have to be a specific type, it doesn’t have to involve buying the ‘latest/most expensive’ clothing or equipment. It’s whatever makes you feel good, and gives you that inner (and outer) glow, or in my case, sweat! 

I was never encouraged with sport when I was younger, so always saw it as a hindrance rather than a tool to help me improve. I don’t really believe in regrets, but I do wish I’d been active from a younger age. The benefits really are worth it. It may have helped with my PCOS symptoms earlier on, who knows. Like I said, there’s no point in looking back. 

I’m doing this now, and, finally, I’m doing it for me. 


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