Tuesday 15th July – BloominGirls Event

So, I’m very excited to tell you about an event that’s taking place next week in Manchester that I’m going to:

Why is this event taking place and what’s the purpose of it? 

Bloomin Girls is a lifestyle campaign that aims to reverse the trend of inactivity amongst teenage girls aged 14-17, by changing their perception of the relevance of sport in their lives and empowering them to want to make a change.This innovative, pilot campaign is being funded through Sport England and will bring together England Netball, The FA (Football), The RFU (Touch Rugby) and England Hockey to curate a one day festival of sport and fitness supported by fashion and beauty experiences from Boohoo, MUA and Batiste. 

The four sports have adapted their typical offering for this target audience to put on an event that will transport the girls into a festival atmosphere with neon lights and music complemented by rewards and experiences from the official BloominGirls brand partners.’

Who is it aimed at? 

Age 14-17
Gender – Female
Attitude – Don’t see sport as something for them. Would like to be more active / fit, but don’t see how / where sport fits in with their other passions.
Location – Manchester and surrounding towns (30 mile radius)
Interests/hobbies – Fashion, beauty and hair. Friends and having fun. Socialising. Celebrities.

If you have ever read my blog before, then you’ll know that this time last year I was a complete ‘exercise-phobe’. I was convinced that if I stepped foot inside a gym I would be laughed out of it. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong, and one year on I absolutely LOVE training. 

Exercise really IS for EVERYONE! I can’t stress that enough to you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how much you weigh, or what music you like (although Neon Jungle do make some great songs for exercising to!). You will actually find that once you start exercising, you realise just what your body is capable of. 

If you know any girls who might be interested in attending this fantastic event, please ask them to sign up for it here 


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