Saturday 15th March – too much to sum up in a title!

Hello hello everyone! So sorry for the massive delay in posting. I have had the busiest, craziest, most tiring week, so much so that I haven’t even trained 😦 

So we have two big events at work next week, which I’ve been planning for months. There’s been an awful lot to organise and it’s kind of taken over. In one way it’s good because I’m learning lots and it makes the time fly by, but it’s been fairly stressful and I’m glad it’s over!

I haven’t been feeling too good for the last week or so; lots of light headedness/ dizziness/ nausea/ headaches/fatigue. So I went to the doctors at the start of the week and even the doctor wasn’t sure what could be causing it. The options are: migraines/low blood sugar/anaemia/thyroid problems. The good news is my blood pressure was really good at 110/70, so at least the exercise is paying off! I’ve had some blood tests done and should get the results early next week. It could just be a blip but I’ll let you know what happens. 

I also had my second CBT session this week. I feel much more open to it this time, so am very hopeful that it will help improve my self-esteem and anxiety. I know it’s going to take time, but fingers crossed I’ll get there. One thing I will admit to, that I must tell my therapist at my next appointment, when we were talking he asked me to describe myself. This is to try and get me to say nice things about myself. The best I came up with was ‘I’m not awful’! It made us both laugh! I basically reeled off a few words and then said ‘I’m a mess’. He replied ‘I have to tell you, you’re not a mess at all. This all sounds quite normal’. The worry now in my head is that he doesn’t think I’m ‘messed up’ enough for therapy and it’s really playing on my (crazy!!) mind! I mean, how stupid is that!! Anyway, I must make sure I tell him about it next time I see him as otherwise it will just play on my mind. I had to share that with you as it really does sum me up! 

Anyway, tomorrow is my birthday! I am usually ridiculously excited about it but this year it seems to have snuck up on me and I don’t feel prepared. I know that sounds weird! I’m not anyway near as excited as usual. Hopefully that will change tomorrow! 

I have a really busy week coming up, due to work events and birthday celebrations, so I’ll apologise now if there’s another break in posts. I promise to be more consistent, soon! 

One thing I’d love your input on is skin problems. I’m having a really hard time with nasty spots on my jaw line and they just won’t budge. I’ve been using everything I have and nothing is shifting them. They calm down then I seem to get more. Also, I scar very easily and they’re hard to cover. As I’m almost 31(!!) I would really appreciate any ideas you have on what I can do to improve them. I don’t take any medication and would rather it stayed that way, but any suggestions welcomed!

Hope you all have a great week, and if you’re a fellow Irish person, this is for you, for Monday:


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