Sunday 9th March – Too much training & Bad Hair

Hello and Happy Sunday! 

So I had Friday off work to get on with an essay I am writing on leadership, for a training course at work. Any ‘normal’ person would have a lie in before starting that. Well, as we all know I’m not normal! No. I was at the gym at 9am to be absolutely tortured by Chris. My back was feeling a bit tight (due to the insanely stupid way I sleep), so he said he’d ‘take it easy’. Judge for yourself what he really meant by that…….

Friday’s training

Ladder format circuit

Prowler sprints – 2 lengths of the gym with 15kg per side

Prowler sprints & slam ball (15 reps with 5kg ball)

Prowler sprints, slam ball & squats (15 reps)

Prowler sprints, slam ball, squats, hammer & tyre (15 reps)

Prowler sprints, slam ball, squats, hammer & tyre & leg press (15 reps at 80kg)

Prowler sprints, slam ball, squats, hammer & tyre, leg press & pull down (15 reps at 40kg) x 2 

Does that sound like ‘taking it easy’?? NO! I was wrecked afterwards! 

I do actually really struggle after training in the morning as I get incredibly tired and just want to sleep. In fact on Friday, while I was meant to be studying, I fell asleep! I NEVER sleep during the day so it was a bit of a surprise. I felt horrible when I woke up too, really groggy. So that pretty much meant the rest of the day was wasted! 

I have spoken to Chris about this tiredness and he wants me to try a few food changes to see if that helps. I’ve also been getting quite light-headed/dizzy a lot recently. He thinks it could either be low blood sugar or low blood pressure. The low blood sugar would be preferable, and might even mean I’m becoming insulin sensitive rather than insulin resistant, which would be much better for my PCOS
(I don’t really want to try and explain the difference between the two as it’s such a specific medical issue. I would suggest you do some research, if you are unsure of the difference, just so I don’t say the wrong thing on this subject.) 
So, for now I have to keep a diary of what I eat and how I feel after it. I also have to increase my carb intake (40g on none training days with dinner, 60g on training days split between lunch and dinner). I will of course keep an eye on things and let you know if there are any changes.
The light-headedness/dizziness isn’t great. It happens even when I stand up, but isn’t good when I’m in the gym. 

Following Friday’s absolute beasting, I stupidly went to the gym again yesterday morning. What is wrong with me!! 

Saturday’s training


Clean grip deadlifts with bar – managed about 20 reps but back started playing up 😦 

Shoulder press – 1 set of 8 reps with 7kg, 4 sets of 8 reps with 6kg 

Seated row – 5 sets of 8 reps at 40kg 

Back extension – I can’t put into words how weird this exercise is. Safe to say it didn’t work for me! 

Prowler sprints – I refused to ‘just run’ so after pushing Chris 1 length of the gym I did sprints with the prowler. Approx 4 lengths with 15kg per side 

I did not enjoy yesterday’s session at all. I was glad when it was over. 
I was really tired again afterwards and ended up falling asleep in the afternoon. 
I am going to monitor this pretty closely for the next few weeks as it’s just not like me. 

Hair Problems!

Apart from training and pretending to write an essay, I also had my hair cut this weekend. Not interesting for you I know, but I need your input here please! My hair is usually in great condition and always shiny/glossy. I spend a fair amount of money on hair products, always have, and use decent hair straighteners. I do a treatment once a week, and as you know I am eating well. BUT for the past few weeks my hair has just looked awful. I knew it needed a cut but the condition of it was just awful. My hairdresser said it felt like there was a residue on it. 

So, do any of you ever suffer with problems like this? And if so, what do you do about it?
It feels better since it was cut, but still seems a bit flat and, dare I say it, greasy!! 
Do you think it’s hormonal or diet related? 
Any suggestions/ideas are most welcome! 

I’m going to stop there as I feel like this has been quite a ‘whingey’ post! 


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