Time for a positive post!

As you know I’ve been working hard on improving my health and fitness since last summer, so thought it was time to list some of my achievements since then. Just to say they’re not all health and fitness related, and I had to be co-erced into writing this post! I do not make a deal of any achievements. I usually shy away from any sort of praise, but have a real need for approval. But that’s another story….

So, here we go.


  • Setting up and running the University PA Network
  • Overcoming my total fear of the gym
  • Losing 52cm! (so far!)
  • Growing my nails after 20 years of biting them!
  • Starting this blog (over 8500 views so far)
  • Helping other women with PCOS
  • Starting CBT and telling people about it 
  • Writing articles on PCOS and training 
  • Pushing Chris the full length of the gym on the prowler!
  • Shortlisted for Newcomer PA of the Year
  • 8 months of clean eating
  • Wearing a dress!!
Some of those might seem a little silly, but to me they are all milestones that represent what I’ve been working on for the last 8 months. I also think they provide a bit more of an insight into me. I can be extremely hard on myself, pretty much all of the time, so I think it’s good for me to read these and remind myself of what I’ve managed to achieve in a fairly short timeframe. 
So, roll on the next 8 months and plenty more achievements! 
I would love you to share your achievements. Or at the very least write your own achievements list and put it somewhere you can see it. If you’re having a bad day dig it out and read it through a couple of times. We all have achievements to be proud of, so let’s start celebrating them! 

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