Saturday 1st February – A new month & new goals

I’m writing this before my arms stop working! Training this morning was tough but great. Here’s what I did:

Today’s training session

Deadlifts with farmers walk handles
5kg per side
5 sets of 15 reps

Sledgehammer and tyre
15 hits with 10 seconds rest x 5, 4 sets 

Boxing combinations
Lots and lots of combinations!

I am already predicting lower back ‘DOMS’ tomorrow!

So yesterday I had a bit of a contemplative ‘episode’. I have been working in my current role for nearly 3 years and I love what I do, but I know I could do a lot more. I now have a new manager, who I actually think could help me to progress. I told him I am too comfortable in my current role and that I need a kick up the bum!  He has clearly taken this on board as he has already been giving me a push to look at ways to move on. I feel like I can learn a lot from him and look forward to seeing what happens, but it is also a little bit daunting.
I am not a confident person, but I am good at putting on an act, so I think people believe the act a bit too much sometimes. So I am going to speak to him next week and ask whether he will mentor me as I think he will be a good influence. 
New goal to add to the list!! 

Right, I’m going to leave it there as the Six Nations Rugby is about to start and I LOVE the rugby!! Wales are playing today, and my team, Ireland, play tomorrow. There will be plenty of shouting and swearing from me for the next few hours, well for the next 6 weeks, until it finishes. SO EXCITED!! 


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