Monday 27th January – DOMS = OUCH!

This is what I have learned today! And this is what it’s all about: 

Basically it would seem that the pain I’m feeling is a good thing…hmm! I can’t say it feels good. I have spent the day with a heat pad stuck to my lower back when I wasn’t hobbling around trying to keep everything from stiffening up! 
I have to say in a sick sort of way it’s a good feeling. What I mean is, yes it hurts, but I haven’t damaged anything. I’ve just made my body work hard and that isn’t a bad thing. So roll on Wednesday night training! 

Apologies for the bad language, but that’s how I feel about the training now. I can do it! 

So other than the ‘DOMS’ pain, today has been pretty eventful. I have a few potential creative tasks in the pipeline, which I’m really excited about. I don’t want to say too much yet as I’m waiting for things to be confirmed, but it’s definitely given me a bit of a boost! 


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