Sunday 26th January – Dodgy back & even dodgier photos (of ME!)

I woke up this morning with an extremely sore back. I clearly need to lift more weights and strengthen it ASAP. I am currently writing this with a hot water bottled glued to my back!

So if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know I have been eating ‘clean’ and training with a personal trainer since last summer. My initial reason for starting the ‘clean’ eating was to try and improve my PCOS and IBS symptoms, and lose weight. At the time it felt like a huge challenge and I wasn’t honestly sure I would stick to it. However, after the first month I really adjusted to the new way of eating and started to notice an improvement to the IBS and my energy levels. 

At the same time I started to train with Chris, something that was completely new and alien to me. I was terrified of stepping inside the gym, but he was extremely patient with me and has helped me to enjoy training, to the point where I look forward to my sessions, and am constantly thinking about new goals to work towards. 

The reason I am summarising everything is because I have just written an article with Chris about my PCOS and what we have done together so far to improve my symptoms. I know I still have a long way to go, but I have already noticed positive changes, the main one being weight loss. The magazine asked for photographs to go with the piece, something I did NOT want to do! I hate having my picture taken as I usually end up with a fake cheesy grin plastered on my face! However, for the purpose of the article I have dug up a truly awful photograph of myself from last July. When I saw it I was shocked at how poorly (and fat) I look. I told Chris and he said ‘you were ill’. I didn’t really understand what he meant at first, but having thought about it he’s right. I was eating all the wrong foods, which exacerbated all of my PCOS and IBS symptoms, and wasn’t doing any form of exercise. I was constantly tired and feeling down. That sounds like ‘ill’ to me. I feel so much better now, even though I do still suffer with the ‘down’ periods. I think I look better, although confidence is not something I have a lot of. 

Anyway, I thought it was about time I put some photographs of myself on this blog. So here you go:

July 2013 & January 2014 

It is nice to be able to see the difference, and I suppose I need to keep reminding myself that I have done well, with Chris’s support and endless patience. In fact I’m looking forward to July when I can add another photo that will (hopefully) show another obvious change. 


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