Thursday 23rd January – The Creativity is BACK!

I am finally getting my creative mojo back! This has been a bit of a mixed week: on the one hand I haven’t exactly been pushed at work, but on the other there are quite a few developments taking place in the aspects of my life that I really want to improve. 
I felt like I was heading for a bit of a downer at the beginning of the week, but rather than ‘giving in’ to it, I told Chris what was happening so that he could give me a well needed pep talk. As always he delivered! In all seriousness though he was extremely professional, as he always has been, and helped steer me towards a positive outcome. In fact for whatever reason this particular ‘episode’ really helped me to focus, more than I think I have in a long time. I told Chris I had some new goals, so they have been added to the ever extending list! I love feeling this focussed and just wish I could train more. Who would’ve thought I would ever say that?? 

So the other mega plus this week has been the offer to write a short magazine article about PCOS with Chris. I’m really excited about this as writing really is my passion, and having Chris’s professional input adds another dimension to it. We have similar writing styles and our particular areas of expertise to complement each other. Basically we make a great team! 

I am still having some problems with my knee, so training was a bit limited last night. I started with some work on the leg press and some walking lunges, but as it’s felt pretty stiff and tight, Chris decided to inflict major pain on me. Oops! I mean he worked on loosening it to relieve the pain…Following the immense torture, I did a few sets of TRX squats and TRX rowing, then a few sets of squats without the TRX bands. I get so frustrated when I struggle with any of the exercises. I think Chris finds it funny when I have a little strop. I personally think it’s erm…my way of expressing my passion for what I’m doing! 
Anyway, the best part of the training, as always, was the boxing! We are now working on combinations, which I am really enjoying, as it’s crazy fast and fun, plus it must burn a fair amount of calories! 

So at the moment I’m feeling pretty positive. 


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