Saturday 28th December – Another CRAZY week!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Today is my first day ‘off’ all week. It has been full on family ‘mentalness’. It’s really great fun, but my so called break from work has been replaced with a different job. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. It’s all part of the tradition, our tradition. 

I was well and truly spoilt with some really lovely presents. I think this one will make you smile though!

It’s a little bit small but that’s just another motivation for me! 

I trained again yesterday. Basically I did a LOT of boxing and then some ‘running’ and some prowler ‘runs’. To finish the session, Chris stood on the prowler and asked me to push him on it. The last time I tried it I only managed 11 steps. This time I managed half the length of the gym! WOO! Next time I WILL manage the full length of the gym!! 

I have so many plans for next year, which I won’t bore you with now. I am saving that for next week! 
I am very excited about what’s coming up in the next few months and I am hoping to have your support as I am sure there will be plenty of ups and downs! So roll on January, February, March…..etc! 


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