Friday 20th December – NO MORE WORK (for 2 weeks)!

I’ve finished work for 2 weeks!! WOOOOO!! 

This week has been crazy busy, but good.

The staff party went really well. It was hard work to set up but went down well with the staff, which was the aim of it! 

I went back to the gym on Wednesday night, after the party, but was too tired to train. Chris was very pleased to see me back, and was really supportive while I was off sick. As my last measurements weren’t great, Chris went through a new food plan with me to help get them moving again. It basically involves a lot of protein, green fruit, green vegetables, some dark chocolate in the evenings and lots of water. Hmmm! I am of course going to give this my full attention and commitment, which is kind of exciting really. A new challenge on top of everything else! 

Speaking of new challenges…..I have been roped in to do the Manchester 10K run!! I have never run in my life so this is yet another pretty big deal, but I am starting to enjoy those. It takes place on 18th May 2014, so I am hoping that gives me plenty of time to train for it as I am going to need lots of practice! So I apologise now for all the moaning about how much I hate running!! 


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