Friday 6th December – Drinking, planning, illness

SO SO SORRY for the lack of posts!! 

It has been absolutely crazy busy and I’ve not really stopped. That might explain why I am currently sick! I have had the most horrible virus for the past 3 days. I won’t go into detail as you don’t need to hear about it! 

So what have I been up to since my last post….

Well there’s the usual boring stuff like work, which I’m not going to spend any time on!

Then there’s the fun stuff like going out with my new little gym family and putting up the Christmas tree! 
I am now even more of a lightweight when it comes to drinking than I ever was. I blame the lack of carbohydrates! It was so good to be out with a group of people who are supportive and who I have created such a strong bond with in a really short space of time. Chris is very lucky to have such great clients. Haha! 

Sunday was the 1st of December so I started to put the Christmas decorations up. I was however too hungover to put the tree up…That happened the following day:

I still don’t feel ‘Christmassy’ though. I feel like December sprung up on me and I am completely disorganised. Usually I have written all of my Christmas cards before the start of December and have bought, or at least ordered, most of the presents. I don’t like being this far behind with it all. Fingers crossed I start to feel better and can crack on with Fairy Clarey’s festive preparations! 

I get sick every year just before Christmas. I think it’s the excitement. It’s too much for me! I’m just hoping once I’m better then that’s it, and I can enjoy myself. I have watched too many soppy films and need to get back to my version of normality! 


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