Wednesday 13th November – It’s DRESS DAY!

So the day has arrived. Where I wear a dress in public!! Queue the dramatic music……dun dun DUUUNNN! 
I’m really looking forward to the event I’m wearing it for, so lets hope a glass or two of bubbles helps me feel more relaxed about getting the legs out (although they will be firmly wrapped in tights!). 
I’ve been feeling a bit run down for a few days, and basically slept for most of the weekend, so missed my training session with Chris on Saturday morning, which I was really unhappy about. I still didn’t feel great yesterday, and wasn’t really looking forward to training, but was so glad I went. I felt much better, if a little achy, afterwards. It’s quite scary how quickly you can get out of the routine and make excuses to yourself about not training. I am not going to let that happen though. The physical, emotional and mental benefits are worth too much to me. 
Here’s last night’s training: 

Shoulder Press:
5 sets of 12 reps (5kg)
Super-setted with:
Olympic Ring Bodyweight Row:
5 sets of 12 reps
Dumbbell Lateral Raise:
3 sets of 8 reps (2.5kg)
Super-setted with:
Rope Face Pulls:
3 sets of 15 reps (15kg)
Battle Rope Tabatas:
8 sets (20s work, 10s rest)
Boxing Sprints:
10 sets > 40 punches with 10m sprints
As always the boxing is so much fun and I’m really glad we do it last as although I’m tired I want to carry on and go crazy on the pads! 
My appetite has really increased over the last few weeks. I’ve spoken to Chris about it, so am going to try and increase the amount I have, rather than the number of times I eat in a day. I’m also going to try a different breakfast as I’m struggling with the omelettes.You will of course be the first to know how it goes! I would love to drop another 7 pounds by Christmas, if possible. That will take me just over the 2 stone mark. So watch this space for updates on that too!
So, it’s almost dress wearing time…..fingers crossed it looks OK and I don’t feel like a complete man in it! 
Wish me luck!!

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