Saturday 2nd November – Momentous Occasion!!

OK so today was pretty damn momentous…I bought a dress!! An actual dress. As in what girls wear! Thankfully I took a friend with me who was amazing. She was patient, enthusiastic and very encouraging. I’m not wearing it for a week so have time to freak out lots about wearing it in public! 
It does mean however that I’ve achieved one of the goals on my vision board, which was to buy a dress. WOO!! 

Today started with yet another tough training session with Chris. He’s really pushing me on the whole ‘improve the cardio’. I did the ‘fat blast’ circuit again, but this time only felt like throwing up once. Improvement! I did 4 sets of the following:

Prowler Shuttle Run (really hate this)
2 Lengths Backwards Sled drag (still tough)
TRX Row (eugh!)
Sledge Hammer & Tyre 
5KG Slam Ball 
Boxing (Heavy Bag)

After 4 sets of this I was completely knackered, so Chris decided to add in the devil’s chair (sitting against the wall for 30 seconds) and then prowler runs. I did that 3 times, which was more than enough torture! 

So all in all it was a pretty good session. I am determined to improve my cardio (well it can’t get much worse!), so there will be plenty more ‘fat blast’ sessions to come. Help me!! 


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