Sunday 27th October – Puzzle epiphany!

Happy Sunday everyone!

So I’m feeling at a bit of a crossroads at the moment, which you may have guessed from my sporadic and emotional posts. 

When I started all of this back in July, I had one goal: lose weight. 
I was totally and completely committed to that one goal. Nothing else mattered. To be fair I think that makes sense. As far as I was concerned, I was going to eat healthily, start training (eventually), lose weight and be happy. Such a fairytale concept! 
In reality I’ve adjusted to the healthy eating (but still crave bread like you wouldn’t believe!), and am actually enjoying the training with Chris (although it’s tough and I am not doing that great with a lot of it), but have uncovered, or rather admitted to myself, that it isn’t as simple as I had hoped. 

I am now more aware of what I don’t want: to be miserable, to have no confidence, to carry on doing a job just because it’s comfortable, to not push myself

So what do I want?
To be healthy and happy 
Well not so simple for me. I am a total drama queen after all! 

So what am I going to do about it? 
Well, I have started to disengage my head from the bucket of sand it has been hiding in for as long as I can remember, and it’s a scary process. I am admitting to myself that things need to change, also a scary process. BUT I AM admitting it. 

I really like the above image as I guess it is a piece of the puzzle, and I would say a pretty important once. Maybe that’s how I need to start looking at this. 
In fact, I’ve just had an epiphany!! This new adventure of mine is slowly piecing together my new life. I know that probably sounds incredibly cheesy, but it seems fitting right now. 

I just have to find all of the other pieces…

As it’s Sunday I’m sure you’re expecting a photo of the food shop. Well here you go! 

It is definitely expensive to be healthy. I seem to be at the supermarket at least two or three times per week. Maybe I should get a job there so I can at least get a staff discount! 

Food today: venison sausages and poached eggs for breakfast, some dark chocolate (because I’m hormonal and well that’s enough of a reason!!), soup for lunch (tomato, probably not allowed…), steak, broccoli, corn and sweet potato for dinner 

I haven’t actually had lunch or dinner yet as I’m writing this during the day, but I have planned to have the above to eat. 
I am sure the venison sausages will upset some people, but I’m not going to apologise for eating them. They taste good, are low fat and full of protein, and I am trying to eat something other than chicken! 

I am going to try and bake some paleo and protein friendly goodies soon. Another step on the road to all things healthy! I will of course keep you updated on the progress with that. 

I actually feel pretty good today and am really pleased that through writing this blog I’ve come to some sort of realisation about things. Yes they seem a bit rubbish at the moment, but if everything was easy then you wouldn’t appreciate the good things when they happen. 


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