Tuesday 22nd October – Yoga is my new stress relief

So I did my first ever yoga class tonight! 

It was tough, but I actually enjoyed it, and only got the giggles twice! I’ll definitely be going back but not for a few weeks, due to too many social engagements!! 
I do think it will be a real help in terms of relaxation as well as another way to exercise, and maybe on day I’ll be able to bend over backwards! 

Food today: full egg omelette for breakfast, sausages and spinach for lunch, banana, bolognese with courgette and sweet potato wedges for dinner 

My legs are finally starting to loosen up, which is good timing as I’m going to the gym tomorrow. I am definitely determined to kick the training back into top gear so leg flexibility is a must! 

I am feeling less negative than I have in the past few weeks, which is fantastic, and am very hopeful it lasts. 


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