Sunday 20th October – Foam rolling hell!

I am in so much pain! Following Wednesday night’s leg session I was a bit stiff on Thursday but by Friday my right calf was really tight and sore. I spent that night with my legs up as they were swollen. Little bit scary! I went to the gym yesterday and told Chris the problem. I wish I hadn’t! Obviously he was trying to help me, but the next 40 minutes were the most painful of my life, and that is NOT an over-exaggeration. He made me use the foam roller on my calf and thigh and it was agony, especially when he pressed down to make sure there was enough weight/force on it. I was sweating before we’d even done any training! I also used far too many swear words and even managed a few yelps. Totally pathetic. Following the torture we did a very brief workout of boxing (crazy, crazy fast!) and some rope swinging. I really do love boxing and want to keep going, even when my arms feel like they could drop off! I do not love the rope! 

I woke up this morning in even more pain but not just in my leg. Oh no! I have a sore calf, thigh, bum(!), stomach, arms and ribs. It would make more sense to think I had been beaten up in my sleep. I also have carpet burns on my hands and elbow as the carpet in the gym is pretty tough stuff. Oh and I have a lovely bruise on my thigh. I’m sounding pretty damn attractive right now, aren’t I! I have used the foam roller at home (I stupidly told Chris I had one!!) but probably not as much as I should. 


The good news is my head doesn’t feel as bad as last week. The bad news is my skin is a mess and I am having a lot of snappy mood swings. It’s like one minute I’m fine and the next I could punch someone in the face. It’s scary how fast my mood can change. I’m not really sure what I can do about it either. 

I really am trying to be more positive, but at the moment I seem to be going through a bit of a rough patch with everything. I am not giving up or giving in though. My posts might read a bit negatively, but I am just being honest about everything. 

Fingers crossed I am about to turn a corner to Happyville. 


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