Sunday 13th October – I’m back but not all there

I’m back! 
Sorry for the silence, I’ve been ill. 

I’m afraid I have absolutely nothing to tell you, and nothing interesting to update you on. The only thing I have learned is that being home alone gives you far too much time to think, and that’s definitely not something I need! 

I went to the gym yesterday as training really does help, in a way. I also had a chat with Chris about things and he listened, as always. He suggested I try yoga to help me relax, something I am particularly bad at. I think the only way I can relax is by doing something! I’m definitely willing to give it a go, anything that helps has to be worth it, because to be honest I am getting fed up of my negative mind. 

I wish I was like Worzel Gummidge and had different heads I could put on. At least that way I would have options rather than just the overbearing black thoughts. I could also have different hairstyles! 
I suppose I just wish it would all go away and leave sunshine. 

I actually feel as though since I started my new healthy living, I have had a much harder time mentally and emotionally. It’s as if my head has been consumed with the bad stuff instead of my body. 
I really am desperate and determined to sort myself out. I just wish it was easy! 

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