Wednesday 9th October – The F Words

Well I’d say the above quote sums me up! 

I’m not too happy tonight. Chris did my measurements and I’ve lost another 2 inches, but in my head I’ve only lost 2 inches. In total I’ve lost 17 inches in 12 weeks. I know this is great and something I certainly wouldn’t have achieved on my own. It’s just another example of my impatience in action. 
Chris really is an incredibly patient man! 

Tonight’s workout:

A1: Leg Press (120kg) 15 reps
A2: Kettlebell (8kg) 30 seconds
A3: TRX Myotatic Squats 15 reps
A4: Battle Rope 30 seconds
A5: Prowler Push (40kg) 2 lengths

x 2 sets

B1: Press Ups 15 reps
B2: Battle Rope 30 seconds
B3: Prowler Push (40kg) 2 lengths
B4: Boxing (bag) 60 seconds

x 2 sets

C1: Incline Hammer Curls (5kg) 12 reps, 12 reps (then sledgehammer slams on tyre)
C2: Tricep Pushdowns (20kg) 12 reps, 12 reps, 12 reps
C3: Standing Calf Raise 25, 25, 25

Boxing on the bag: 15s/10s rest, 30s/10s rest, 45s/10s rest, 60s/10s rest

It was a tough session tonight and I think I was a bit whiny (I’m sure Chris would agree so sorry!), but I always have fun, which really, really helps (so thank you Chris). He is pushing me more in terms of less rest time, but I know it’s a good thing as it will hopefully help to improve my fitness. 

Food today: omelette for breakfast, chicken with spinach, carrots and peppers for lunch, greek yoghurt and banana, venison burgers with corn, broccoli and sweet potato for dinner 

So me and fear, and me and failure. I need to get over the first and embrace the multiple definitions of failure! I need to stop having ‘issues’ with failure. I need to man up! 


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