Sunday 6th October – there’s light at the end of the tunnel

Today has been a better day. 

Chris has set me more ‘homework’. I have to write a ‘gratitude’ list of 10 things I’m grateful for. I am REALLY struggling to think of 10! I’m currently up to 6. However, I like having something to work on, even though I don’t know the answer yet! I won’t stop until I have 10. 
I am also working on another piece of ‘homework’ from Chris that is driving me crazy! It’s kind of fun, but I am so impatient. I think he is trying to teach me patience in some sort of weird Karate Kid kind of way! So far it’s not working, BUT I’m not giving up. I WILL crack this if only to show him I’m not a quitter. Because he is investing so much time in me, I do not want to let him down. 

Food today: poached eggs and gluten free sausages for breakfast, coffee made with butter and coconut oil, chicken breast in garlic with mixed vegetables for lunch, roast turkey thigh with sweet potato and mixed vegetables for dinner, some dark chocolate (72%) 

Here’s part of this week’s shop:
I’ve definitely adjusted to the ‘paleo’ eating and am enjoying it now. I no longer suffer with tummy problems because I’m not eating any gluten or even gluten-free foods. It’s made a huge difference. 

I am very grateful to Chris for his support, especially over the past few days when I’ve not exactly had the best time. Before I met him if I was having a bad time I would just ‘wallow’ in my misery, be very quiet but snappy. I would feel constantly tired and comfort eat, then feel even worse about myself afterwards. It really was a vicious cycle. Well, not any more. Yes, I’ve felt crap, but I haven’t given in, and I’m not going to. 

So, tomorrow is the start of a new week and I am determined to make it a great one. 
Contact details for Chris


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