Saturday 5th October – Train the negativity away

So I know I’ve been writing some pretty negative posts over the past few days, but on the plus side at least I’ve been opening up, something I am particularly bad at. 

I went to the gym this morning to train with Chris but I didn’t want to be there. I felt like turning around and coming home as soon as I got there. I had a real ‘face’ on when I went in and I told Chris that I was  having a crappy day. As he really does care, he listened and then thought of a way to try and cheer me up. Well I say cheer me up….it involved some dodgy music and a large rubber band! Basically you stand on the band and pull it up, then walk sideways. It really works the outside of your legs and makes you look like you’re doing some pretty shocking dance moves! 

The rest of the workout went like this: 

Leg Press: 80kg – 20 reps, 25 reps, 30 reps
TRX Squat: 20 reps, 25 reps, 30 reps
Leg Extension: 40kg – 20 reps, 25 reps, 30 reps

Press Ups – 12, 12, 12
Battle Rope: 30s, 30s, 30s
Punches (bag): 30s, 30s, 30s

Prowler Shuttles (2 x 10kg plates) half way > back > full length > back) x 2 sets

Boxing on pads > sprint > boxing on bag > sprint: 20, 30, 40, 50

There’s no risk of me ever looking cute after a workout! 

Food today: greek yoghurt with banana and grapes pre gym, poached eggs and bacon, coffee made with butter and coconut oil post gym, some dark chocolate (70%), roast chicken with corn and sweet potato for dinner 

In between exercises I talked with Chris about how I was feeling about everything. He’s great to talk to as you never feel as though you are being judged. I obviously haven’t told him a lot of things because some of it is too difficult to put into words. I have made a start though. Before the end of the session Chris set me a challenge. I’m not going to say what it is as I don’t know why I’m doing it! It’s all a little bit random but I know there’s a point to it all. There always is with him! 

I have to say I notice a difference in my mood after training. I know it’s a mixture of pushing myself, getting out of my head for an hour and having the most brilliant personal trainer. Yes, I’m having a pretty crappy time at the moment, but I’m very grateful to Chris for being there. 

If I can get to a point where I can even part of the quote below to myself, and mean it, I’ll feel like I’m making progress. 

Training with Chris really is the best thing I’ve ever done. Get in touch to see how he can help you:


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