Tuesday 1st October – I have anger issues!

A lot of people are doing a fantastic job of pissing me off this week. Work is busy, which I love, but not everyone is pulling their weight, which I hate! 

I was so fed up this morning that I bought some dark chocolate (small bar!) and ate it with a cup of tea. I’m hormonal at the moment and having lots of cravings, so I gave in. 

I also did some more sweaty boxing when I got in from work, but may have overdone it! 

Food today: egg white omelette with ham & mozzarella for breakfast, apple, dark chocolate, turkey steak with peppers and spinach for lunch, black grapes with greek yoghurt, banana, Shepherd’s Pie made with steak mince, onions and sweet potato for dinner 

I’m looking forward to training tomorrow. I think a good pasting in the gym is exactly what I need. I’ll be too tired to be angry by the time I get home! 

I promise to try and write a less angry post tomorrow… 


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