Saturday 28th September – Dresses and Patience

I slept for 10 hours last night and woke up feeling almost normal, which is a good thing because today I  pushed myself to do something new and fairly scary, for me anyway. As I’ve mentioned already I hate, hate, hate my legs. They have no real shape so I hide them away all the time. I have a number of events coming up that I would like to wear something pretty to, so today I went to town in a pair of leggings!! I haven’t worn leggings in public for nearly 20 years. I then tried on some dresses, as in not jeans or trousers, but those things that show your legs off! 

It might sound pretty trivial, but for me this is definitely stepping out of comfort zone territory. I don’t wear clothes that can ‘cling’ or highlight any part of my body, so to go out in leggings was a big deal. They didn’t look horrendous, but they also did show what I need to work on. To then try on some dresses, well that was interesting! One of my very good friends came with me and helped me pick out a few to try on. Although I wasn’t comfortable, I saw that my shape is definitely changing, as in I’m getting one! I’m starting to get a waist! I didn’t buy one of the dresses as I have about 6 weeks until the first event and I’m hoping to find something I’m happy with and hopefully in a smaller size! 

Food today: poached eggs and bacon for breakfast, ham salad for lunch, steak with carrots, cabbage and sweet potato for dinner, strawberries and greek yoghurt 

So trying those dresses on has given me extra motivation to hit all of my goals. BUT I have to remember to be patient! I didn’t gain the weight in a week, so I can’t expect to get rid of it that quickly. If I ever had a tattoo it would say ‘be patient’. Remind me of this if you’re ever talking to me and I’m complaining about not having got to where I want to be yet. 

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