Friday 27th September – Message from an Olympian!

It’s taken less than a week but I’ve caught some kind of bug from the students! I am not happy. In fact I am feeling sorry for myself. I am also aching everywhere following Wednesday’s intense training session with Chris so that’s doubly fed up! 

One of the reasons I’m feeling sorry for myself is because I should have been in London today to attend a conference, but I didn’t manage to get there. A lot of friends were there so I felt like I was missing out. It was a packed day of presentations and opportunities to network. One of the key speakers of the day was Katherine Grainger, Olympic rower! Because I have such lovely friends they asked Katherine to write a motivational note for me:

How fantastic is that! A definite motivation to keep going! 

Food today: egg white omelette with ham & mozzarella cooked in coconut oil, chicken and spinach for lunch, roast chicken with sweet potato and broccoli, Wheyhey! strawberry ice cream with strawberries and 85% dark chocolate for dinner 

So fingers crossed I get a good night’s sleep and I’ll be full of beans for tomorrow! 


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