Wednesday 25th September – negative, emotional and on the verge of giving up

Sorry for the silence over the last few days. I’ve been having a bit of a rubbish time, which kind of got worse last night to the point where this morning I feel like hiding away. It has scared me how quickly all the negative thoughts and feelings come flooding back whenever something bad happens. I feel like I was at the top of a rollercoaster and have come crashing down to the bottom, but at that intense speed that sucks all the air out of your body and leaves you feeling completely rattled. I suppose you could call it emotional whiplash.
I have cried already and it’s only 8.30am. I don’t want to feel like this. I don’t want to be on the verge of tears every 2 minutes. I am trying so hard to fight it, but you know some days it doesn’t make any difference, and today is one of those days. 
I apologise to everyone in advance if I am snappy, miserable, upset, or all 3 today.

I really, really, really hope I can write a positive post later on.


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