Sunday 22nd September – NEVER a rest day for me!

Today was meant to be a ‘lazy day’, but I’m pretty rubbish at those, so I got up early and haven’t really stopped since! A few months ago this just wouldn’t have happened. In fact if I think back to June, my weekends looked a lot different. I would have been much more sedentary and eaten so much crap! I won’t lie, when I got up this morning the temptation to  sit and eat biscuits/chocolate was still there, BUT my new found determination is much stronger and louder so I didn’t give in. 

I’ve started work on updating my vision board. It’s something Chris mentioned to me when we first started working together. I have an app on my phone that’s full of motivational quotes and photos of clothes I would love to wear one day, some quotes around my mirror in the bedroom, and some around the flat, but I’ve now got a physical board that I can keep updating. My first goal is to buy a dress and wear it. This is a MAJOR goal for me. I am not a girly girl so even contemplating wearing a dress feels terrifying! However, I’ve overcome quite a few of my fears in the last few months, so why not throw another one in there! 
One of the reasons I don’t wear skirts or dresses is because I HATE my legs, and when I say that I really mean it. I DESPISE my legs. BUT it’s on the list of things to work on, and I have a dress style in mind to aim for!

I know that with Chris’s support, advice and training knowledge I will get there with all of my goals. I might not hit them straight away, but without goals there’s nothing to aim for, so there will always be goals! 

When I first started this clean eating and training programme I was pretty negative about myself, the possibility of achieving anything or doing well. I also thought that any ‘positive thinking’ was pointless. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It can sound a bit cheesy at first, but like anything new, the more you listen to and read this kind of thing, the more it starts to affect you in such a positive way. Chris is the best advocate for positive thinking and goal setting. He always knows what to say to help me, no matter how crazy the problem I throw at him is. Just to show you how great he is at this, here’s something he said to me earlier that makes so much sense and is definitely joining my motivational quote wall!  

‘We all have our hurdles to overcome, but we never stop moving forward. Life can try all it wants to bring us to our knees, but we will never falter. We are true strength, because we never give in. Life will push us, but we push back harder. Nothing and no one defines us. We define and shape ourselves. We are the things we never thought we could be. We are more than we were yesterday.’ 

If that doesn’t make you believe in yourself, nothing will! 

If you need some motivation/inspiration/support, contact Chris
I promise you won’t regret it!

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Chris Main


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