Saturday 21st September – Failure IS an option!

I never thought I would write the above, but after today I know that failure is not a bad thing. I have been so tough on myself for years about failure not being an option when really all I needed to do was look at it from a different perspective. The reason I am saying all of this is because I had a tough training session this morning with Chris, but tough doesn’t mean bad, or so I have since learned. I will explain this more in a minute, but to help me do this properly, here’s today’s exercises: 

The following 5 exercises were completed one after the other with 60 seconds rest between each full set:

Pulldowns: 15 reps x 40kg, 15 reps x 45kg, 12 reps x 45kg, 12 reps x 45kg

Walkouts: 15 reps x 2 sets then 2 sets on the leg curl of 15 reps x 15 kg

Incline chest press: 15 reps x 6kg, 15 reps x 6kg, 12 reps x 6kg, 12 reps x 6kg

Leg Press: 15 reps x 80kg, 15 reps x 100kg, 15 reps x 100kg, 15 reps x 100kg

Hooks: 30 seconds
Jab & cross: 30 seconds
Hooks: 30 seconds
Jab & cross: 30 seconds

(All on the punchbag)

Prowler shuttles: 10kg each side:

60 seconds work
68 seconds work

(Image courtesy of Watson Gym Equipment)

The prowler shuttles were a new exercise, and caused me some issues! Basically, you push the frame by either the top handles or the very low ones. Doesn’t sound too bad right? WRONG! The way this exercise worked was: 3 markers set out on the gym floor. Push the prowler by the top handles to the first marker then back to the start by the lower handles, repeat to second and third marker as fast as possible (I was timed, which meant I had to run, which isn’t in my repertoire!). I managed one full set and my legs were burning, my heart rate was through the roof and I felt shattered! I had a bit of a rest then started the second set. However, not long into it I started to feel really sick, and I mean REALLY sick. I actually had to go to the bathroom and run cold water on my face. Not a high point! 
Anyway, I wasn’t able to carry on after this and that’s when the whole ‘failure’ thing popped in to my silly little head. But, as usual, Chris was on hand to talk some sense into me. He explained that the way I see failure is not the way I should look at it when I’m training. Not being able to master an exercise the first time you try it is not failure. He suggested I try and see it as ‘forced adaption’. This definitely helps me to start seeing it from a new perspective. I can’t promise I won’t be hard on myself, but I have a new found determination to keep going. 

After all that you would think I wouldn’t want to go back to the gym until my next training session. Wrong again! This afternoon a number of the trainers at Elite Performance Gym delivered a fantastically informative seminar on training and nutrition for women, and I was very honoured to be there. 
I learned so much and got to try some delicious paleo recipes made by a lady who trains at the gym. I also managed to persuade three friends to come with me and was so pleased that they enjoyed themselves and learned about the difference between weight loss and fat loss, how weight training is good for women, and the positive effect clean eating and regular exercise can have. 

I feel very privileged to train at Elite with Chris and am really excited to see what we can achieve in the next few months

Contact details:

Chris Main –

Elite Performance Gym –


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