Thursday 19th September – too tired for anything

Yesterday was all about relaxing and having fun. 

Friends at work bought me a voucher for a back, neck and shoulder massage 6 months ago and yesterday was the last day to use it. It was amazing. I felt so relaxed when it was over that I struggled to get dressed! I could definitely get used to that. 

However, I really should not go out on a school night. Today has been really, really tough, but I had a fantastic time last night at the Manchester PA Network event at Neighbourhood 
The network ladies always put on such amazing events and all in the name of charity, namely The Christie hospital. It is always a glamorous evening with fantastic company, fun surprises and amazing goody bags! 

I have to own up and say alcohol was consumed…

When it looks like that though how can you say no? 

I couldn’t eat most of the food due to the amount of wheat involved, but what I could eat included chicken and the most amazing steak I’ve had in a long time. 

Food yesterday: greek yoghurt with banana, apple and grapes for breakfast, omelette with ham, mozzarella and spinach for lunch, 2 small turkey steaks before I went out, some chicken, parma ham, spinach and steak at the event, few squares of dark chocolate when I got home 
Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, pork medallions (cold) with spinach and peppers for lunch, banana, buffalo burger with salad, coleslaw, corn and sweet potato fries for dinner (was treated to dinner out), some 70% dark chocolate with peppermint from Hotel Chocolat, strawberries 

So my food over the past 2 days hasn’t been great, I admit that. Time to re-focus and get back into complete clean eating. 

I had some really lovely comments from some of the girls last night who haven’t seen me for about 2 months, which was a definite boost and motivation to keep going. 

The next Manchester PA Network event is in just under 8 weeks, so I’m going to speak to Chris on Saturday about setting a new goal for this. I’m not going completely crazy and suggesting I wear a dress or anything like that, but I’ll think of something suitable…! I will also take the day after the event off work so I can recover in privacy at home rather than making a complete idiot of myself at work all day! 

I am going to get an early night in the hope that some brain function returns in time for work tomorrow! 

To find out more about the amazing work Manchester PA Network do click here: 


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