Tuesday 17th September – Totally addicted to training

I’m currently sat on the sofa unable to really move my arms much, following tonight’s training, but I’m smiling. I am starting to get pretty addicted to it. I honestly never thought I’d say that. Yes, it’s tough, yes, I sometimes feel like giving up, but I know I’m not stopping now. No way. 

Tonight’s session exercises:

Boxing –

Jab & Cross on Bag:

Hooks on Pads:

Tri-Set of leg exercises – 

Split Squats:
6 x 10kg dumbbells
6 x 10kg dumbbells
6 x 10kg dumbbells
6 x 10kg dumbbells

Leg Extension: 
12 x 30kg
12 x 30kg
12 x 30kg
12 x 30kg

Leg Press: 
25 x 60kg
25 x 70kg
25 x 70kg
25 x 70kg

Arm exercises – 

Flat Dumbbell Press:
6 x 7kgs
4 x 7kgs

Flat Dumbbell Flies:
12 x 3 kgs

Press Ups on Bar: 

Battle Rope Slams: 
5 x 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between

We started with boxing tonight, which really is my favourite part of the sessions. We even did some of the crazy fast boxing, which just makes me laugh, but is great fun!
I really struggled with the arm exercises tonight, and I mean really struggled! That’s why there aren’t as many reps of those. I fear I may struggle to do anything tomorrow!! 

I’m now training with Chris 2 times a week and fitting in another 3 sessions at home doing my circuit and a session on the exercise bike. I definitely struggle to find the motivation to train at home, but I’m so determined to get fit that it’s not an option. It needs to become almost a daily requirement, like washing my hair. I’d never go a day without doing that! To be honest, and don’t tell Chris I said this, I’d probably like to train more with him. He pushes me but in such a good way that by the time I’ve finished a session, I can’t wait for the next one. 

I can’t tell you the difference training with Chris has made, and in such a short space of time. I trust him completely with all aspect of my life. That might sound weird but there’s no way you can successfully change your life for the better if you’re not willing to be 100% honest about everything, even things you think are highly embarrassing and personal. I’ve told Chris things I hadn’t said to anyone else. Knowing he’s objective, but most importantly there to help, somehow makes it easier to open up and let someone in. If I didn’t feel comfortable around him I know I wouldn’t have made the progress I have so far. In a way he feels like a friend. Not sure whether he’d agree with that! But he puts up with a lot of crap from me, always with a smile and usually a good comeback, normally in the form of extra punishment! A sense of humour is so important when we’re going through something pretty tough together, and as I’ve said before I’ll be forever grateful to him. 

The whole team at the gym (Elite Performance Gym) are fantastic, very supportive and encouraging. There’s a great atmosphere, always busy, and just good to be a part of. 

Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, chicken salad with peppers, spinach and a couple of leftover sweet potato wedges, apple, few squares of 70% chocolate before and after the gym, minted lamb burger with sweet potato, corn and mushrooms for dinner, strawberries 

So last night I was invited for dinner by two lovely girls from the gym. We had carb free bolognese and here’s the recipe: http://www.sweetiesal.com/2013/09/carb-free-winter-comforts-1.html 
Definitely worth a try! I’d never eaten courgette before last night, so they did amazingly well to get me to eat that and enjoy it! I’m very impressed! 

The other reason I love the gym is the support from the other people training there. It’s like a little community, and one I feel very lucky to be in. There’s always someone to talk to either in person or online. I think because we all know what it’s like to struggle, and to want to smash your goals, that being there for each other is almost a given. They are definitely the right people to spend time with.

Right now I’m feeling very lucky! Please let this positivity last. 

People you need to follow and get in touch with:

Chris Main: https://twitter.com/Coach_Mainer

Elite Performance Gym: https://twitter.com/EliteGymSK3 

(I’m not here tomorrow so hope this is long enough to keep you going!) 


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