Monday 16th September – cold weather makes me want stodge!

Well the bad weather has returned and that means only one thing – I want bad food! 
Today is the kind of day that can only be made better by curling up on the sofa in a big, fluffy blanket with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and some warm, chewy cookies…
Clearly that didn’t happen! Instead I froze my (slightly smaller) backside off and made hundreds of pie charts at work. Not exactly the plan I had in mind!

Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, apple, chicken salad (used spinach instead of lettuce), banana, dinner? 

The reason dinner has a ‘?’ is because I’m going out and I don’t know what I’m having. That’s also why I’m writing this blog so early. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you (I think it’s you plural? I’m not sure how ‘popular’ I am!) by not posting anything. I am of course joking. It’s not like you sit there every night waiting to read my most recent rant, is it?! Nice to think you might be though 🙂 

So that’s it for tonight. Thank goodness I hear you cry!

Here’s a picture to motivate me (and you, if you like) to keep ignoring the bad food, no matter how cold and miserable it gets…


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