Sunday 15th September – I’ve been bad

I woke up feeling rotten, really rotten. Apart from most of my body screaming in pain following yesterday’s mega workout, I had the beast of all headaches. I just wanted to stay in bed and hide away, but that would be too self pitying and I’m supposed to be embracing this whole positive mental attitude way of living. So I dragged myself out of bed and went food shopping:

Not much of a shop as I’m trying to break it up over the week to try and eat different things
So I’ve been a bit bad today. It’s my brother and sister’s birthday and we went out for a family dinner. I ate a lot of meat but also had a yorkshire pudding, a small roast potato and a spoonful of mash potato. Too rebellious! But it gets worse. My Mum made a chocolate birthday cake and I ate a slice. It was absolutely gorgeous! As I’m too honest for my own good, I’ve already admitted my sins to Chris and am fully prepared to be completely punished for it on Tuesday….! I did however do 30 minutes on the exercise bike when I got home. I’ve therefore done 5 sessions this week. 

I am trying to tell myself that I will have these ‘low’ periods from time to time, and I have to tell people when I’m feeling like that as I can’t deal with it by myself. I know that I was hoping they would go away, but as usual my lack of patience is getting in the way. I am still working on it, but lets hope this week is a good one, and I can keep trying to be less hard on  myself, maybe one day even really like myself.


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