Friday 13th September – should have stayed in bed!

I am so glad today is over. It was a definite Friday the 13th day! Far too many things went wrong, but I dealt with it all a lot better than I would have a few months ago. I don’t seem to get as stressed out as I used to, which is brilliant, and must be due to the changes I’ve made with diet and the introduction of exercise. I’ve definitely noticed improvements in myself and they can only really be down to my healthier lifestyle.

Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, banana, few squares of dark chocolate, pork steak with sweet potato, butternut squash, corn and mushrooms for dinner

So I’m going to the gym tomorrow morning, as in Saturday morning!! 9am!! What is going on?? I’ve volunteered to go at that time. The lack of sugar and carbs has clearly messed with my head! I’m hoping this is going to get me into a routine on a Saturday, which would be great. Lets see how it goes….! 


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