Thursday 12th September – Post Number 70!

So this is post number 70! How did I get to that already?? I write as much as I talk, well almost…

Today’s motivation…

I’m still feeling positive from last night’s new measurements. It has given me a real boost that was much needed. It puts all the cravings into perspective. No amount of junk food is worth messing up my progress. 

I did my circuit when I got in from work and every time I had to box I was smiling thinking about the mental boxing I did last night with Chris. Unfortunately I just can’t box that fast on my own! 

Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, apple, chicken salad for lunch, proper omelette (with yolks) made with ham, mozzarella and mushrooms for dinner, some chicken, strawberries and banana with greek yoghurt 

I still have an issue accepting any kind of compliment on my progress so far. I am trying to change that though. I also know I have to stop rushing ahead and realise I am doing well now. The fact I can fit into some old clothes is great. Feeling my ribs and hipbones is pretty cool! But I think the biggest achievement for me so far has been managing to do a training session without passing out/throwing up/crying! 

Roll on the next 70 posts! 


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