Wednesday 11th September – I think it’s back!

So this is a bit of a bold statement, and I’m not exactly saying this, BUT I have made some pretty good results tonight… 
I’ve lost another 7 inches!! 
In total I’ve lost 15 inches in 8 weeks!! 
I’m really pleased about this. It’s definitely helped to restore my mojo and kick me back into major focus. 

I am now going to say lots of nice things about my amazing, amazing trainer, so you have been warned! 
I’m still at the start of this whole experience, but Chris has done so much to help, motivate, encourage and support me in the last 11 weeks that I’m really hopeful that I can achieve all of my goals. He really is a fantastic personal trainer and I can’t thank him enough for what he’s doing for me. I know this is a team effort, and I feel extremely lucky to have him as part of my team. We will get there together!

OK so tonight’s training session was a little shorter than usual, but that just meant that it was completely mental! 

I did:

Split Squats:
8 reps without weights
8 reps with 5kg in each hand
8 reps with 5kg in each hand
8 reps with 5kg in each hand

Super setted with

Pull Downs:
8 reps at 45kg
8 reps at 50kg
8 reps at 50kg (assisted)
8 reps at 50kg (assisted)

Box Squats:

Super setted with

Dumbbell Chest Press:
8 reps with 6kg weights
8 reps with 6kg weights
8 reps with 6kg weights

Boxing Madness!! 
50 punches with 5 burpees
50 punches with 10 burpees
50 punches with 15 burpees

The boxing was absolutely hilarious! Chris was crazy and basically had me punching so fast it felt like warp speed. My arms were a blur! I laughed through most of it because it really was so much fun. I honestly never would have thought I’d enjoy exercising so much. He must be a wizard!! 

Food today: egg white omelette plus grapes and greek yoghurt for breakfast, apple, chicken salad for lunch, nuts, banana, some dark chocolate before and after the gym, chicken stir fried with sugar snap peas and mushrooms plus sweet potato for dinner, small tub of chocolate WheyHey protein ice-cream

If you haven’t tried WheyHey ice-cream, click here and get some ASAP: 
It’s absolutely delicious. Look:

I never thought I would have a Personal Trainer. It just seemed like something only celebrities did. I can honestly, honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. 

If you’re even contemplating a new exercise regime, speak to Chris. If you have read my earlier blog posts you’ll know just how terrified I was of starting this whole process. That’s why the blog is called ‘Fighting the Fear’. 

Even I can’t believe how much my opinion on it all has changed. I still have a long way to go, but I’m getting closer every day, and a huge part of that is down to my fantastic fear fighting team member, Chris (AKA Coach Mainer, AKA the most awesome personal trainer ever!) 

Contact details for Chris:


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