Tuesday 10th September – willing my mojo to come back!

The cravings have been BAD today! I have really struggled to not stuff my face with chocolate and carbs of any description, and it’s not been fun! For the past few days I’ve just felt constantly hungry and irritable. I sent Chris a suitably whiny and negative message earlier basically begging for help with the food situation. As usual he came back with a positive reply. We’re going to talk through everything before my session tomorrow. He really is that good! 
Food today: egg white omelette for breakfast, apple, banana, chicken salad for lunch, mixed nuts, spoonful of peanut butter (straight from the jar. I was that desperate!), 2 tiny squares of dark chocolate (70%), pan fried chicken breast with tiny amount of mozzarella, sweet potato, corn and mixed vegetables for dinner 
I also did my circuit when I got in from work but found it tough. I haven’t done any exercise since Saturday and always notice a difference. I know you need to rest, but as my fitness level is still pretty low, the gap seems to affect me more. Lucky for me then I’m back in the gym tomorrow. 
This is my motivation:
So with any luck, this time tomorrow I’ll be writing about the return of my mojo, my new found enthusiasm for healthy eating and the pain from a very tough and sweaty workout. Fingers crossed…!
If you’re looking for advice on nutrition and healthy eating then look no further than Chris
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